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KTMOBD ECU Programmer & Gearbox Power Upgrade Tool Plug and Play

  Read the chip data, read and write ECU data, read gearbox data etc at a high speed.
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KTMflash Functions:
1.Workable Transmission Model
2.Read Chinese car via OBD
3.Read BOOT mode according to the chip model
4.Read the encrypted ECU password (Read the password of encrypted ECU first, then read data)
Support Chinese car ME17 TC172
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Super PIASINI Master v4.1 is full kit of PIASINI and master version include all function in list of the following can read all dump of chip by bin file.and you can write or edit this dump by yourself.
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Super Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM Programmer
1.It is the newest model of True USB Universal Programmer series from China.
2.Support Windows 2000,XP,2003,2008,Vista & Win7(32/64)
3.Supports thousands of most popular application devices (12,000+)
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1.can be also considered as a MCU version of the software TMS-374 Decoder ECU.
2.The only difference between the two tools is that the MCU version works without a PC.
3.TMS374 ECU decoder is a frequency sweeper with 5V square wave output (Duty cycle 50
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KWP 2000 Plus ECU REMAP Flasher Tuning Tool can read and analyze current ECU software,upgrade the ECU software with a re-mapped file,and repair ECUS with software problems or corruption.
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Super Piasini Master V4.3
1.can read all dump of chip by bin file and you can write or edit dump yourself, more vehicles.With usb dongle, software no need active, directly use.
3.It is Master version, support full dump file read and write,
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