500ml Antibacterial Disinfectant Gel Portable Hand Sanitizer Disposable No Wash Bacteriostatic Hand Sanitizer for Kids Adults
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Hand free disinfectant gel is widely used in medical field. With the continuous improvement of people's disinfection concept, it gradually becomes more and more widely used in daily household life. The use of hand free disinfectant gel is simple and effective. It can effectively remove bacteria from hands. Main active ingredients: This product is a disinfection product with ethanol as the main active ingredient. The content of ethanol is 75% + - 2%. Killing microorganism category: it can kill enteropathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, coronavirus, pathogenic yeast and common bacteria of hospital infection. The most notable feature of the use of hand sanitizer gel is that it does not need to rinse with water. It can also effectively inhibit bacterial inhibition and clearance of the opponent's hands without the need of water cleaning. Whether it's going out to contact vehicles, take express delivery, buy things, you can wipe a little bit of disinfection. Especially in summer, the growth rate of bacteria increased rapidly, especially intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, yeast and so on. Always clean your hands and keep them clean. However, the wrong use of hands-free disinfectant can not eliminate harmful bacteria, so a large number of bacteria contact the skin and mucous membrane through the hands, leading to infection.

Use of hand free disinfectant gel:
1, first of all, take appropriate amount of hand sanitizer gel in palm and knead with the finger tip of the other hand in the palm of your hand.
2. Apply the hands free disinfectant gel to the forearm of the other hand, approximately to the forearm 1/2.
3, replace the other hand with an appropriate amount of free hand disinfectant gel in the palm of the hand, and the fingernail of the other hand knead in the palm of the hand.
4. Apply the hands free disinfectant gel to the forearm of the other hand as well as to the forearm 1/2. 
5. After finishing the front task, take a proper amount of hands free disinfectant in the palm, palms opposite, fingers together, and rub each other.
6. After the rubbing, the palms of one hand rub the back of the other hand along the finger joint, and then exchange hands.
7. The palms of both hands are opposite, and the fingers of both hands are crossed and rubbed with each other.
8. In the last step, bend the fingers to make the joints rotate and rub in the palm of the other hand, exchange the hands, until the hand disinfectant is absorbed. The above eight steps are the correct use method of hands-free disinfectant. Only when the correct use method is achieved, can the effective hand sterilization and bacteriostasis be achieved

We guarantee that the alcohol content is 65% ~ 75%, and the ordinary hand sanitizer is only 50% -65%. It can only play a bacteriostatic effect, but can not play a bactericidal effect.
Food grade alcohol raw materials are mixed with carbomer 940, glycerin, etc. to make a gel
Can work efficiently and quickly, keep your hands clean
Soft and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin, has a water retention and moisturizing function
Do not wash with water, easy to save water
Gel texture, you can easily control the amount

Item: bacteriostatic hand sanitizer
Net Weight:500ml
Benefits: Disifection,sterilization,disposable
Shelf lift: 2 years
Scope of application: Universal for hands and skin

Packing list:
1*500ml hand

50ML:1.1USD       300 bottles of a case
100ML:1.2USD     200 bottles of a case
500ML:1.8USD     36 bottles of a case

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