LAUNCH X431 PAD III V2.0 Diagnostic Tools Online ECU Programming Coding Automotive OBD2 Scanner Active Test 37+ Reset Service
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Launch X431 PAD III Automotive Diagnostic Device

X-431 PAD III V2.0 is the high-end diagnostic equipment newly launched by LAUNCH, integrating the LAUNCH excellent diagnostic technology and made many improvements and innovations. It ha deeply optimized the system layer, greatly improved the system response speed, and optimized the user experience.

X-431 PADIII V2.0 supports “intelligent diagnosis”, which is the industry's leading technology, which automatically identifies the vehicle information, completes fast diagnosis and checks vehicle history maintenance record online.


1. Full vehicle system coverage for over 110 brands in the world, which is continually updated.
2. Automatically identify VIN upon connection to the vehicle for intelligent diagnosis.
3. Remote diagnosis allowing you to work on a vehicle from your tool without being on-site.
4. Read all OTC types for full system, view, graph and record data PIDs, support bi-directional controls, actuation test and all other diagnostic functions.
5. Guided function for Volkswagen and Audi.
6. Advanced coding and programming function.
7. ADAS calibration function is optional.
8. 16 special functions available.
9. Compatible with 5 Extended Module: Oscilloscope, sensor, battery test, endoscope, Wi-Fi printer.
10. Truck diagnostic ability with HD Ill VCI.
11. Integrated database with comprehensive vehicle service and repair information.
12. Diagnostic records and reports can be stored in the cloud without any concern of data missing.
13. One-Click Upgrade and silent install for software.
14. Support DC IN/Micro USB/USB 2.0 Type A/RJ45/HIMI/ TF slot/Headset.
15. Non-slip housing with skid-proof handle.
16. Adjustable supporting holder.
17. More...
Full Systems Diagnostic with Intelligent Diagnose + Local Diagnose + Remote Diagnose
Launch X431 PAD3 scan tool can perform comprehensive & efficient all available car modules scan, including Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS(Airbag), EPB,Body, Chassis, Radio, HVAC, Suspension, to pull generic codes, manufacturer-specific codes, pending codes, etc, clear codes, check live data & display 8-In-1 graphing, retrieve freeze frame, ECU information, turn off check engine light, ABS, SRS, TPMS, Suspension and etc warning lights, and reset monitors.

Intelligent Diagnose
Automatically identify vehicle information and complete rapid diagnosis, in addition, it is possible to check the vehicle history maintenance records online.

Local diagnose
When the intelligent diagnosis is not available in an environment without network, choose traditional diagnosis. Select the vehicle make and model manually to perform the vehicle detection.

Remote diagnosis
Self-developed remote diagnostic technology, which has been granted national patent, could access remotely and quickly via mobile phone, tablet and computer, with low bandwidth and system resource occupancy.

37+Hot Reset & Relearn Maintenance Services

Support total 37 kinds of special functions, including Brake Reset,Oil Maintenance Reset,Steering Angle Reset,Battery Matching,ABS Bleeding,Elestric Throttle Relearn,TPMS Reset Database,DPF Regen,AC System,Relearn/Initialization,Adaptive Front Lighting,Adblue Reset,Air/Fuel Reset,Air Level Calibration,Coolan Bleed,Crank Position Sensor Adaptive Learning,EGR Adaption,Engine Ppwer Balance Monitoring, GAS Particulate Filter Regeeration,Gearbox Relearn,High Voltage Battery,IMMO Programming,Immobilizer Reset,Injector Coding,Intelligent Cruise Ccontrol System,Language Change,Motor Angle Calibration,NOX Sensor Reset,Seat Occupancy Calibration,Stop/Start Reset,Sunroof Reset,Tire Reset,Transport Mode,Windows Calibration,FRM Reset,VGT Relearn,ECU Reset,Clutch Adaption.

Advanced ECU Coding

Same as other LAUNCH X431 High-end OE-level scan tool , LAUNCH X431 PAD III has the capability of ECU coding to change preprogrammed options in the software, helping you customize your car faster as needed.

You can match, relearn, and code the newly installed ECU module after making repairs or replacements,such as setting alarms, doors locking, etc.
You can change the market-specific settings to activate higher-level car functions and disable unneeded features, breaking limitations.
Access the ECU to make full use of the hidden features or disable the car’s annoying functions, like activating the auto side mirrors folding function, disabling the automatic engine Start-Stop function, etc.

Provide excellent solutions for issues of drivability, power loss, fuel efficiency, etc. to improve the car’s performance.
Reprogram the adaptive data for certain components after repairs or replacements.

Powerful Online ECU Programming
Programming new ECUs: Replace new ECU(Determine if programming or coding is required based on fault code prompts). It can read and back up the original ECU data of the vehicle. (Note: The newly purchased spare part numbers need to be equal to the original ones.)

Reprogramming second-hand ECUs: Clear second-hand ECU data for reprogramming(if the second-hand has the anti-theft data, it needs to be used with LAUNCH X-PROG3 to clear anti-theft data first, and then match it with the original anti-theft data before reprogramming.).

Update the ECU: Some of the ECU has BUGs so it will cause some faults that are difficult to repair. ( For BMW 2889 DME in take valve, carbon deposition, and some of F serious machine oil lamps can't be zero.)

Fixing lost data of ECU: When the software in the ECU corrupts the program due to battery or grounding issues(the Hardware is normal), re-programming can rectify it back to normal operation.

What different is Online Programming and Offline Programming ?
Online Programming

It 's download the original data from automaker service directly , it is ensures the correctness and latest version of the data you get , Improves the success rate of programming .

Offline Programming

It 's for you had the data , just write it to you ecu directly( if you do not have the data , you can not do programming function ).
Support Car Models:
for Mercedes-Benz, for BMW, for BMW Brilliance, for MINI, for Volkswagen, for Audi, for Jaguar, for Land Rover, for Porsche, for Shanghai Volkswagen, for FAW-Volkswagen

If you are in North America, only the following car models are supported:
for Mercedes, for BMW

All ECU programming functions are not supported in Portugal and Spain.

ECU Coding changes preprogrammed options which depend on the type and number of electronic features already built in. Thus, ECU coding is not universally compatible and varies for different vehicles.

LAUNCH X431 PADIII Support A Variety Of Practical Functions

✅One-Click Upgrade and silent install for software

Icon prompt for new version of software, possible to upgrade online by one click. Online intelligent one-click upgrade with silent installation of vehicle model software, client side and firmware software

✅Automatically identify VIN upon connection to the vehicle

✔️ Auto VIN Scan
✔️ Manual VIN Input
✔️ Automatic Selection
✔️ Manual Selection

✅Diagnostic report recording and printing

✔️Integrated database with comprehensive vehicle service and repair information.
✔️Diagnostic records and reports can be stored in the cloud without any concern of data missing

✅Coding & Guided function for VW and Audi.

Guided Functions show all specific operating instructions step by step, and automatically run the instructions to do the
resetting, matching, coding etc.
You just need to follow the instructions and click complete/continue to do it.

Wide model coverage

Able to detect more than 95% of models from America, Europe, and Asia, and provide full-system, full-function software diagnostics for tens of thousands of passenger cars worldwide.

25 Language Support
Support English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional,Simplified Chinese

Language is free, switch at will

ADAS calibration function is optional(need pay)

Support ADAS system calibration, need to be used with X-431 ADAS PRO. It can realize the
calibration of ADAS systems such as LDW, ACC, RCW, AVM, BSD, and NVS.
Truck diagnostic ability with HD Ill VCI(need pay)

Support extended modules

Oscilloscope, Sensor, Multimeter, Battery Test, Endoscope and Ignition Analysis, helping technicians perform more comprehensive vehicle inspections.
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