Auto Enginuity Service Reset Tool For Bmw With Battery Replacement Registration Function
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AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool 

Top 4 Reasons To Get Service Reset Tool: 

1. Allow perform the B-MW Ser-vice Inspection Rest (SIR) and Conditional Based Service (CBS) Oil Service reset 
2. Allow perform the battery replacement registration as required for late-model B-MW  battery replacement 
3. One-touch reset tool 
4. Field-updatable, no need to purchase a new reset tool when you have newer B-MWs 

Service Reset Tool Overview: 
The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool will allow you to perform the B-MW Ser-vice Inspection Rest (SIR) and Conditional Based Service (CBS) Oil Service reset and will also allow you to perform the battery replacement registration as required for late-model B-MW battery replacement. 
The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool does not require a personal computer or require you to enter the make, model, or year of the vehicle; with a push of a button the hardware will intelligently determine the correct protocol and commands--it’s a true one-touch reset tool. 
The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool is field-updatable and will help you to continue to purchase newer B-MWs without having to purchase a new reset tool.  
Service Reset Tool Operation Instructions: 
1.Connect the AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool to the vehicle’s DLC.(See your vehicle’s Owners Manual if you need help finding the DLC location.) .The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool should illuminate the red LED on the top of the hardware (If the LED is blinking, the power level is too low to properly operate the AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool). Either connect a battery charger to the vehicle or run the vehicle long enough to resolve this issue. 
2.Turn your vehicle’s ignition to the On position. This should illuminate the instrument cluster and the gauges. Do NOT run the vehicle as the operation will fail. 
3.There are tow operational functions contained within the AutoEnginuity Reset Oil service Rest 
To reset the Oil Service on your ’01 and later BMW, press the black button on the bottom of the AutoEnginuity Reset Service Tool.  
It will be labeled OIL. The green LED will briefly illuminate after pressing the black button, and then will go out. If the green LED is blinking, a failure code was returned by the vehicle. In some cases, an error code can be returned by the vehicle because the service interval is already too short and unnecessary. The two most common reasons for failure are engine running or the service reset is unnecessary because the engine oil is above 80%. 
Once the process completes, cycle the key from the On position to Off and back to the On position.  
On some models you can verify that the process has completed successfully. 
In the case of older B-MWs, a color-coded bar on the lower-left portion of the instrument cluster will display the oil service state.  
If all the green bars are illuminated, then the process completed successfully.

On the newer B-MW models, the CBS will reset the internal counter to 100%. If a service indicator was illuminated on the vehicle when this process started, it should not appear when the process completes and the ignition key is cycled. 
You can verify this on some models with the iDrive. If your vehicle is so equipped, simply select the menu item Vehicle Info or service Info (depending on the model).then select Vehicle status. Finally , select Engine Oil. Your model may be set  for 12,000 or 15,000, so if either is now set then the process completed successfully.

Battery Replacement Registration: 
To replace a battery on your modern BMW, you will require registering the replacement with the microcontroller monitoring the Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS). Performing this replacement registration is necessary because the IBS learns the battery state of charge, driving habits, and builds a history of the state of charge. The IBSuses that history to determine the operating speed of  the variable speed alternator. This operation is used to properly balance the charge and discharge current of the battery. Without registering a replacement, several problems can arise as a result such asover charging the battery, reduced fuel mileage due to unnecessary charging. 
To perform the Battery Replacement Registration on your late model BMW: 
Press the white button on the bottom of the AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool it will be labeled BATTERY.  
The green LED will briefly illuminate and then go out. If the green LED is blinking, a failure code was returned by the vehicle.  
In case of error double-check that your vehicle requires this process to be performed and that you are doing this without issues  on the vehicle that could cause an error . Finally, if the problem persists, check your BMW service information for more details about correct operational requirements. 
Package Includes: 
1pc x AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool 

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