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1. Diagnostic Instrument Introduction

1.1. Diagnostic appearance and buttons

1.2 Buttons

Function description


▲▼ Up down Arrow KeysChoose items

◄ ►Left right arrow keysShift pages



F1,F2,F3,F4 Function keysReserved

Shift keyReserved

2. Vehicle Connection Instructions

connection method

3. Operation instructions

Take YAMAHA as Sample

3.1 Connected

Please connect the diagnostic device and motorcycle by following the steps in the "Vehicle Connection Instructions".

3.2 Function Option

Motorcycle KEY-ON, the diagnostic power is on, the following interface will appear

01. Vehicle diagnosis: motorcycle fault diagnosis and adjustment.

02. System settings: set language options, date and time, etc.

03. Version information: Display the serial number of the machine, software version, hardware version, authorization information and other information.

04. Analog signal: Simulate the motorcycle ECU output drive signal and the signal input from the motorcycle sensor to the ECU.

3.3 Vehicle Diagnosis

Select “01 Diagnostics” and press [ENT] to display the following interface.

Select “01. Yamaha” and press [ENT] to display the following interface.

Select "01. Engine " and press (ENT) button, the vehicle system information appears as follows

Current Data is the numeric figures of the working status for motor engine, through this

data we can know whether motor works normally.

Select Current Data to enter Current Data interface:

Select “02 Diagnostic ” and press (ENT) to display the vehicle system information as follows

Select “03 CO Adjustment” and press the (ENT) button, the vehicle system

Select “05. Erase Fault Code” to clear the fault code stored in the ECU by performing this function.

Select “07.ECU Information” to select this item and press the (ENT) button. The vehicle system information appears as follows

3.4.1 Basic Settings

This function can set whether the buzzer sound, and modify the current language.

Press UP or DOWN to select item, Press LEFT or RIGHT to modify the option’s values.


3.4.2 Date and Time Setting

This feature can be set the date and time of the host.

Press LEFT or RIGHT to select item, Press UP or DOWN to modify the option’s values.

3.5 Version Information

In the main menu, select "03 version information". 

3.6 Analog Signal

In the main menu, select “04 analog signal” and press the (ENTER) button. The following interface appears.

The crankshaft signal can simulate the signal sent by the engine crankshaft sensor to the ECU after the vehicle is started.

4. Precautions

1)The display screens and screenshots shown in this manual (such as the "key" mark) are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual object.

2)The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.

3)The Company shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential loss caused by or in connection with the purchase or use of these products by any person.

4)The Company is not responsible for any type of claim filed by a third party for the use of these products.

5)Avoid use and storage in extreme temperature environments. Low temperatures can slow down the display screen or become completely undisplayable. In addition, avoid direct exposure of the instrument to the sun and do not place it at any high temperature. local. High temperatures can cause the chassis to fade or deform and can damage internal circuitry.

6)Do not disassemble the instrument yourself or change the online settings privately.

7)Never use a ballpoint pen or other pointed object to poke the instrument's operation keys.

8)Please use a soft and dry cloth to clean the exterior of the instrument. If the appearance of the instrument is very dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution of neutral household detergent and water. Be sure to wring out excess water before wiping. Do not use petroleum spirits, thinners or other volatile solvents to clean, as there is a risk of wiping out printed marks and damaging the protective


09. Do not synchronize the online test diagnosis when testing the ignition system flashover voltage test. Otherwise, the instrument may be damaged due to high voltage interference.


Check when using:

1) Check if the ignition switch is on or if the engine is running.

2) Check if the power light of the main unit is on (red light), and the signal light is blinking when detecting the system.

3) Check if the diagnostic cable and the diagnostic seat are in poor contact or short circuit.

4) Check if the version of the software is suitable for this model.

5. Offline Upgrade Instructions

1. Extract the upgrade package to a new folder.

2. Insert the diagnostic device's SD card into the PC through the card reader and delete all the contents of the SD card.

SD card is inserted into the PC through the card reader

3. Copy all the contents of the extracted folder to the SD card;

4. Unplug the SD card and insert the diagnostic device.

5. Connect the PC and the diagnostic instrument with the delivered USB cable (mainly powering the diagnostic device, 5V). After the host starts, the following interface appears.

  1. ※Note: The scanner use SD card format for FAT32, please pay attention to when formatting the SD card, otherwise the tool will not be able to work properly. The software of each serial number can only upgrade the host corresponding to the serial number. When the host and software serial numbers are inconsistent, the host cannot be used.
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